Simplicity in ICT Integration

Hi all,

I started this post in draft form in April 2010.

As educators we sometimes get too involved in our own worlds and don’t take the lessons from other aspects of our life into our profession.

My area of other learning for ICT Integration  is in the realm of running.  One of the lessons from running I have learnt is the value of simplicity.

Sometimes I run I take with many layers of clothes, a watch,sun glasses ( and glasses if I need to read a map), cap,  heart rate monitor, foot pod, a radio or iPod and other times I get out of the water at  Avoca Beach and run up and down the beach at low tide for  40 minutes. The former is over complicated and the latter is a lesson in simplicity.

Do you choose complexity or simplicity – I carry these lessons into ICT Integration.

1. Big projects  can be broken into  you break  small sections – run from Gosford to Opera House – 6 km sections.

2. Sleep Train talks about you being your own CEO

3.  To wear shoes or not Zen Habits

For me it comes down to this image.


Sorry I cannot find the reference to this image.

cheers Martin


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