I digress and it was worth it

Hi all,

My friend Justin takes me out to dinner each decade for my birthday.  I have my 50th next month and we went for a nice meal at a place between Piers 6 and 7 Walsh Bay.

I digress.

This year he gave me High Financier: The Life and times of  Siegmund Warburg.  We both did history together at Sydney University and spent some time reading Thomas Mann historical novels like the Buddenbrooks – which is referred to in the book.  I would not normally buy, let alone come across, books like this.  So it was a good heavy book for me to read instead of the surface reading I tend to do on the web.  I finished the 400+ pages in a week which is really good for me. I actually turned the computer off and went to bed to read.

I digress again.

The book, like university history did for me 20 years ago, has lessons for what I do today and it has nothing to do with the title High Financier.

Generally for me there is the message to take a step back and fit the fast new moving trends into a broader historical and geographical context.  Geographically I need to be more mindful of what else is happening in the world and not just my immediate world of  my school  or even just Sydney.  Historically I need to keep track of emerging technologies in the frame work of broader historical trends.

I am not  digressing.

Specifically, the book describes five defining characteristics for a bank which I want to apply to education in general and ICT integration in particular.

  1. Moral standing
  2. Efficiency
  3. Connections
  4. Capital
  5. High quality personnel

There is no really need to elaborate upon these ideas.  They just ring true for me and stood out in my reading of the book.

Cheers  MArtin


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