Breadth or depth of skills for an ICT Integrator

Hi all,

I have been playing with the notion of minimum expectations, skills, standards an ICT Integrator needs to have. Then I realised it is about getting a balance between the breadth and depth of the skills the person has to meet the basic needs, projects and future directions of a school’s 1:1 community.

I have often heard of the expression breadth and depth but have never really thought it through in detail.  Thinking about this in relation to ICT skills  has been an interesting experience.  I have pretty good depth in social media, blogging  the use of SharePoint for content management and the creating of reasonable webpages. I have good breadth on tools to use in teaching and learning though I prefer some more than others.   I am not that much into virtual worlds  and there are other things I have not used yet like Voice Thread.

I feel I have  have the skills to manage a new ICT tool even if I have not used it if I need to help someone.

This last sentence is the key to this post – I want ICT integrators to be able to do this and you need a good breadth of skills to be able to do this.

To achieve this we have to work out what is the minimum skills to have good breadth.  To this end I have develop  four key areas an ICT integrator might need to work on to make a good fist of what they need to do.  They need a service mentality to support a 1:1 implementation (no matter what the request and from who), they have to be able to work with a school’s tools for digital learning and content (SharePoint, Moodle or what ever), they need versatility  with the school’s software and hardware (the  laptops,  smartboards, cords..) and they need personalised professional development (so they are ahead of the game).

Here is a graphical representation of the four areas and below that is an attempt to identify what is needed to do this.

Minimum Standards MArtin Pluss

Here are some thoughts:

1. Implementation and support

  • Run introductory workshops for students
  • Support for staff in the classroom
  • Support students in the classroom

2.  Management of digital learning and content

  • Portal:- Document Libraries-Content Editor Webparts- Galleries/surveys/blogs/wikis- Permissions/ Layout
  • Webtools:- Social Media Applications – Cloud Computing
  • Third party products such as LAMS,

3. Versatility with school software and hardware

  • Video  creation and editing:- Moviemaker /Premier Pro- Create and edit projects for staff and students
  • Audio file creation and editing:- Use digital recorder – Manipulate sound files using audacity
  • Photo creation and manipulation:- Photoshop and Fireworks – Edit and batch process pictures
  • Microsoft Suite:- Should be able to troubleshoot all aspects of these programs for staff and students
  • Smart Boards and data projectors:- Should be able to help with all equipment in the school including class and larger meeting areas

4. Professional Development

  • Policies, Procedures and documentation
  • Formal Professional Development- courses, workshops…
  • Nonformal Professional Development through encouragement to blog and use Twitter etc, write articles of projects.

If you have time I would like some feedback on these ideas becasue many of us are in the same position.

cheers  Martin


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