@46 and @47 –

@46 and @47


I found this post from 2008 – only five years late in publishing it.

It’s not about being up-to-date

@46 points the calculator to the TV wondering why the channel won’t change.

I can see where I want to be now let alone in a few years in a few years. In the few presentations I have done I often start with the statement:

I don’t want to be up-to-date…….I want to be ahead of up-to-date

For example,  I joined Twitter in  July last year made two posts and did not know what to do.  No one I knew was using it and I was being a Nigel talking to myself.  I took me a while to realise it was a blog and that was fine – but a blog with out an audience can only take you so far.    In September I made a few more posts and things have really taken off for me now.  Although I am not shy there was a point when I had to just say hi  to people I did not know online , carefully not invading their  space.   From this relationships develop and connections are made.  What gave me the confidence to do this was an online community of runners which is a grassroot Community of Practice – Cool Running Australia  – more on this later

Just a digresion  – I have missed the start of another 8:30 movie – see what I mean.


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