Ironman Journey begins

Well in actually began in 1984…..the first few posts will be catch up.

9 April 

Yesterday I committed to the Port Macquarie 70.3 half Ironman.  It have been 29 years since I started racing triathlons though no where near as seriously as in did in the mid 1980s.
I am coming back as I have one unfinished goal – an Ironman.  For the last 12 months i have been riding and swimming more and running a way to prevent injury.
It is going to be a challenging journey and I know I am up for it with some discipline, planning, focus and training. I am planning a process to get me into condition for racing at the end of the year.  All as a practice run to see if  with life and work I can manage to repeat the process at a larger scale for an Ironman in 2014.
Now I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  Here is the reality.  I have  a dodgy foot from years of running  and have been managing it since November 2011  with cross training which rekindled my interest, fitness and motivation to enter triathlons once again more seriously.
It has been interesting to pull out my old and relatively recent triathlon training books and supplementing these with online reading and talking to those with more experience than myself. First of all I have to respect the event and the three disciplines and yet there is no need to over complicate how I training.  As my blog motto  of many years it is about running and life  and life and running.  It is about balance and many more years of exercise to come.
There is still a lot of planning and thinking to do.  For the next couple of months in the off season the plan is to work on:
  • Endurance swimming at least 2 km a week working on technique and comfortably swimming 2km  in 40-44 minutes.  For example even over the first 4 months of this year it is easier and easier to do the 2 km swim.
  • Endurance riding where I learn to concentrate and average 25 km per hr.  For example, for the past 12 months I have  almost never used the big chain wheel – always just spinning. Today I rode 20 km  dropping down on the handles to gradually stretch my back and assume a position of discomfort and concentration and  slowly building flexibility increasing periods of time before I put the tri bars back on the bike.
  • Re- learn how to run.   It has been a long process coming back from a foot injury  over the past 15 months.  I am learning to run with a higher cadence,  a flatter foot strike and mainly running on grass for distances of 6 km.   Gradually I will also run 6 km after longer rides in training. I will run the Centennial Park 50 km and probably nothing else.


Now I don’t look like this anymore though with a bit of sensible planning  , learning from others there is potential to enjoy a comeback after almost 3 decades.
I am writing all this up in Evernote and every now and then provided updates on my running blog.

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