Ironman training experiment update

29 April

Ironman Training Update

Well it is a week till this year’s Port Ironman.
I have just come home from a swim and now feel I will be able  to swim through to May and not worry about being cold in Epping Pool through training and the race itself. It seems I can manage daily sessions during the week and double sessions on the weekend.  I will need some more discipline to fit in double sessions during the week next year but it should not be too difficult as this year I have done no morning sessions at all. I will just have to learn to go to bed and get up in the morning.
The changing of the bike set up seems to have worked and I have put the tri bars  back on are 14 months of normal riding.  Yesterday I did a 3:30 hour session as a 70 km ride and 6 km brick run. I did it quite comfortably averaging 26 km per hour  for riding time. The run was too fast at 6:06 per km which was pretty good after 70 km in the bike.
Currently my weight after a session is 75 kg and mostly is around 76-77kg. For my height my BMI is at 79 kg.   In 2004 I peaked at 85 kg and have mainly hovered at 81-82kg till 2011. In 2012 I managed to hover 78-80kg and now I have notched it down again on the back of two years of less running and more riding and swimming. Also this has involved thinking out what I eat, though I am far from perfect on that front.
Nothing is happening on the running front.  I just need to protect the foot which is trending in the right direction.  Last week I started to use the big chain ring on the front for the first time in over 12 months.  Compared to last year the foot seems fine though I do notice it if I  push the big gears for too long the left foot metatarsal area plays up.
So when entries open in a few weeks for Port 2014 my plan is to enter the race.
Once entered I will do some base work till week 4 in Term 3 when I will adopt a modified program for the Port Half Ironman.
Till then I will still try and swim once a week, ride when I can before dark and spin in the lounge room watching the league and do 6 km runs on the grass after work in daylight or semi trailer Penno Road runs in the cool winter evening.
In relation to races I will enter the CPUltra 50 km on Wednesday for September. I am thinking of doing something a bit left field and risky in June or fly to the Gold Coast Marathon in July.
In relation to triathlons  I will do the Foster Ultimate in early October, Port Half late October and Nepean the following week.  Over the next few weeks I wiill think about Canberra Half Ironman in December.
Watch this space – anything could happen.

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