Ironwar – bringing back the past

22 April

Iron War – bringing back the past


Just finished reading Iron War about the 1989 Hawaii Ironman  between Dave Scott and Mark Allen.  Two very different athletes who both went on the win 6 races each.  A few take homes for the book
  • Not two athletes are the same you have to mould an approach to training and racing that works for you
  • No shortcuts – you have to work hard.
  • Research fact-  is a difference between pain and the perception of pain.
  • Understand and act on your self talk.
One of my reservations favour doing an ironman at this time of the year is  my ability to train and hold my fitness after being quite fit though the Xmas holidays.  So I have been monitoring the weather, pool temperature and how work impacts on doing sessions. So I have been observing my life, training, work patterns, headspace  and weather in these last few weeks imaging tha it is next year – which I wish it was.
I have been managing one session a day and two on weekends but nothing like the volume I need.  I have not monitored by diet, sleep and weekend social activities which will need to be addressed this I me next year.
My head space this week has not been good either. I keep thinking about what the weather will be like in May.  I much prefer things to be hot. This is playing on my mind for both racing and training.   For example, with traning , this morning I got up was cold and was not looking forward to the swim.  After visiting the denist I went to Epping for a swim but it was a nice day and had warmed up.  Next year there will be no option and I won’t have the holidays to pick and choose when to go – I will just have to go.
As for the race I just want a nice warm day with no wind.  Though a cold ride and run plays on my mind because I will be out there for a while I am better mentally at this. Once I rug up and get out the door.  I will just have to rug up and race like an Eskimo.
I dont see any point in writing just for me so i am just going to put my thoughts and efforts out there. A friend last night said my piece on my bike changes was useful for him. That is enough for me to just keep putting out their my journey.
 In summary, fitness 7/10 and headspace 4/10.  I am about to go for a ride.

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