23 April 
Mostly I do my running and riding with minimal nutrition to make sure I burn fat.  This often involves  a bit of a low energy period when the glycogen stores burn up around 30 minutes. I need to do better than this for a longer race and training rides. Today for example for almost three hours I had one  bison of Gatorade and a gel.
I have read I need 300-400 calories per hour for an ironman.  ie: 1300-  1700kj
I have been purchasing  nutrition goods from  Wiggle mainly :
Series Pro02 Gatorade Perform Sachels   36 g packets
100g powder = 1487 kgs  sachet 36g therefore 535 kj for a drink.
High5 EnergyGel 38 g 340 kj or 80 cal
So for today’s 60 km ride I consumed 880kj when in theory I should have had over 3000kj
I think I need to check suggested nutrition intake  – seems like a lot of eating ad drinking.
Also investigating solid food.
Winners Energy bar is 55g at 869 kj per serving packet
BSc Fuel Energy bar 40g at 638 kj per serving packet
Other food I eat or will eat:
Banana 6imches – 375 kj
Dates 489.5kj for one date
Vegemite sandwich 235 kj on white bread
Recent research
Need 750-1000ml of drink per hour.
 1 g of carbohydrate per kg of body weight per hour so at 78 kg 78 grams per hour via
Now back to the food above:
Gatorade 33g
High5 65g
Fuel energy bar 21.8g
Winners Energy bar 34.1g
3 pitted dates 15 g

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