Perspective on what is a challenge

8 May
Perspective on what is a challenge
I just want to suffer. I don’t find many things challenging and I lead a very privileged and lucky life and this sounds arrogant but it is what I feel.  So I have entered a 24 hour race and writing about it now though I will not publish it till the night before the race in mid June in just over a months time. NB :- foot to sore – have pulled out of the race.  
Kevin  has talked about it in the terms feed the rat.  You will need to find his blog post about that but it involves the annual  the 12 foot track run the day before the City to Surf. Now he does it by cold ocean swims in winter like Kevin Cassidy or by running from India to Bangladesh.
Ultra 168 captured it well in an interview with Martin  Fryer after his 10 day race which by the way he also won in April 2013  – surrendering to the simple state of pure awareness.
Dave is currently just doing it by walking the Hume and Hovel walking track  I can cite numerous other examples of current day distant past efforts of endurance and suffer whether it is running the C2K, running the Hume and Hovel Track in 4 days, running the GNW  250 km in 60 hours all the way through to the great explorers of centuries ago.
Alas I may be putting motivation into their mouths.  For me it is not about having to suffer or wanting to suffer – I need to suffer to experience properly the first principle of the 4 Noble Truths.    I would like  to come out the other side a different person.  Perhaps I have come out the other side a few times in the things I have done in the past but there is still a yearning.
In the meantime next Tuesday I will enter the 2014 Port Ironman.

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