Running and Life, Life and Running

Hi all

Running and Life, Life and Running

The whole thing about my running for the past three decades has been about balancing running and life where at times one dominates the other.  I still prefer the Zen middle path of trying to balance the both.  I have been in transition in relationship  to the relationship where running dominated my life to an era in the past decade or so where running is just part of life.   Fortunately I have never allowed life to dominate life 🙂
The races I plan to do  this year as preparation  started with the Sri Chimnoy 24 hour race which I decided to withdraw from as soon as I entered the Ironman.  I just thought I id not want to risk injury.  That leaves Gold Coast marathon as a training run, the CP Ultra 50 km because I want to do as many of them as I can.  I did my first and the inaugural event at 50 years old. This will be followed by Port Half Ironman, Nepean Triathlon and Foster Ultimate.
The tail of these events has been planned on the back of a 12 week training program where I am going to simulate  the 12 training session I intend to use from February to May in 2014 for the Port Ironman – yes with greater volume in 2014.
I am not starting proper training till the end of August for a number of reasons.  The first is to give my body a good rest and the second is life.  Just to explain what is happening with life.  Jenny is going to be Acting Principal at her school in Term 3, 17g will be doing her HSC Trials, we will be  looking  after Jenny’s Principal’s daughter while her mother is on sabbatical and I will be acting up in a another position for 5 weeks.  So I am glad I want to give the body a rest 🙂
The timing is good.  17g trials will be over after my 5 weeks  of additional responsibilities when I plan to start my training according to a schedule.  Also, I have an additional bonus, our house guest is at the pointy end of the field as a triathlete  who needs to keep training while she is living with us. This will help for the swimming sessions and some rides but I cannot keep up with her as she spins at 100-120 rpm on the bike.
So the next few months will be 6 km runs, swims when I feel like it, rides outside when it is  sunny and if not spinning on the fluid trainer.
cheers Martin

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