June update – still thinking and not doing

Hi all,


I am doing just some basic running  for about 6 km on trials when I can.  No swimming and just a couple of spins n the bike when I just need to give my body a rest for the running – which is not much.

Today’s run is typical of what I have been doing except for the weather. Tonight’s run is what I call my Soul Run- it was one of my first bush runs in the penno area 13 years ago.

I headed out just before dark, in the rain with a headlight.  I run about 1.2 km along the road until I enter the bush at the end of Bellamy Street.  I use the Garmin and seem to naturally run at 8.4 km per hour.  Once I hit the walking trail off the fire trail l I was  met by a wave of water gushing down the single path.  Gortex or not on my trail shoes made no difference as the water was calf deep.  So I just ran straight through it; accepting what nature had on offer tonight. This single trail goes for 1.2 km and then meets a fire trail at Jungo Jungo.  Sometimes I turn right or left here and tonight I decided to go left and take the 700m  (horizontal) climb up to the old pony club.  I know this hill well and all the different gradients.  This time it was a bit different as it was now dark and I just focused on what the light was showing me, not looking up at where the steep sections were.  This made the climb go faster. Once at the top I went around the northern side of the oval and then  had a few hundred meters of fire trail before I rejoined the road for the trip home.

It was a good run. I was absolutely soaked and though cold I felt good.

Soul Run




I am probably a couple of kgs heavier but still a round 78 kgs which is pretty well on my BMI.

I thought perhaps my aerobic fitness would drop off but I have never really pushed myself.  I did notice when I started running the trails in my local area again that my fitness was down.  A couple of the trails I go on have some steep climbs of just under 1 km.  Fortunately after a week or so back on the trials the fitness is coming back.

In a couple of weeks I will head to the Gold Coast marathon and try  run the first half a bit fast and then accelerate some fatigue  for the second half and try and hang on for what I hope to be my Ironman pace.


I am very average in the mind at the moment.  The cold does my head in.  I just want the sun and warmth to come back again.  I picked up this week with the shortest day gone. I am doing a bit of work on this through working on my readings  especially mediation and Zen buddhism.

buddhist library

Also I am going to have to rewrite my training schedule as a few new things have popped up which require my time and attention.  I was planning to do this anyway.  I was going to increase the duration of the swims and the cycles and reduce the number of sessions to fit in what I need to do.


I am on holidays at the moment and I am bored.  I would like to do more exercise but if I do I will get injured.  I will snap out of this because I know it is related to the weather and the fact that it as busy time of the year for the other family members – university examinations for 20b , HSC major works for 17g and Jenny becoming Acting Principal. I too am busy but would rather be doing things with friends and family who are busy too.

cheers Plu


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