Gold Coast Marathon 2013 – Ironman Research

No 21 Gold Coast Marathon 2013

This was a marathon in training for an Ironman in 2014. So I did not specifically train for it.  It would be fair to say this was done on the back of some 6 km runs and last month was the first month since last year where I ran more than 100 km in the month. In fairness on the fitness front, except for the last couple of months, I have done a lot of cycling.

Gold Coast 2013

Just one comment on the marathon side of things, it always gets hard at 30 km.  I was very pleased to be really close to 3 hours for the first 30 km – I have not done that for a long time and I knew I would pay for the effort.  This included a 22 minute slow down in the second half of the marathon. I am happy with that , though I would have liked to stay under 7 minute pace for the final 12 km.  Oh Well.

However the purpose for the marathon was research for the Ironman Marathon.  So I have some different results to show you. I treated the marathon as 7 by  6 km runs.  So I set up my Garmin 910 to lap on 6km intervals because I know I would have the 5 km intervals above.  I know 6 km running and I understand the maths of this so when the mind is wobbly I can think things through.  I don’t know if it is possible  but I am working towards a 5 hour marathon in the Ironman which is a  little bit o over 7 minutes a km  or 8.5 km per hour.

So my plan was to run today’s marathon between 10 km per hour and no lower than 8.8 km an hour – a plan with only partial success.  In terms of 6 km runs on average each 6 km needs to be under 42 minutes.  Today I was aiming for 4:30 hours and I was planning for the slow down rather than even splits.

Race Stats- Research

  • 4:28:48 hours
  • Pace: 6:21 per km
  • Speed:
  • Average heart rate:  128 bpm – very happy about this.
  • Calories 2270

GC 2013 Results Garmin AGC 2013 Results Garmin GC 2013 Results

6 km Intervals

35:36 111bpm 6 km

34:47 124bpm 12 km

34:37  ahr 122 18 km

35:51 ahr 142 24 km

39:43 ahr 135 30 km – really happy with the first 30 km – long time since I have been that close to 3 hours.

43:02 ahr 120 36 km – not happy with this but to be expected

42:41 ahr 139 42 km – ditto

2:31 left over to allow for GPS signal and 195 m


As the run was  was mainly for research I did not worry about toilet  stops – I had two at 6 km and 22 km- so I drank at every aid station at least one water and one sports drink.  I only had two gels and was saving them for the final 12 km so during the first 30 km had two Cadel Evan’s Sports bars and two gels in the final 12 km.  I also had a salt tablet each hour.


  • Slowing down is proportional.  I need to understand if going out faster  means a faster over all time or try for a slower time and more consistency.  If I went out at 4:20 hour pace would I have slowed down less.
  • I do drink to much but at this stage I want good recovery which will be the case post this race.
  • The 6 km intervals thinking is going to work for me.  It is easy for me to understand.
  • Hoka shoes worked well – no foot soreness and just one big toe blister.
  • Flat running is difficult
  • Concentration is important in the last 12 km

All this is theory for the Ironman but I will keep the ideas of guiding principles.

GC 2013 5 km gc2013a gc2013b

cheers Plu


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