M7 180 km Cycle – just me my shadow and three flat tyres

Hi all,

A first for me an 180 km ride; though that was not the plan.

m7 finish m7 shadow

On Saturday I set out for a ride along the M7.  I got to 20 km just past the F4 turnoff and got a flat tyre.  I was trying to work out how to use the air canister and a guy stopped to help me.

Sadly I had not put on the  tyre properly and a few minutes later it blew again. I had a spare and the guy was still nearby and he inflated his tyre with his canister.

At this stage I decided to nurse my bike back to the car and get some more spare tyres.  At that stage I was at 40km and I stopped the Garmin and decided to start  again.  I was determined to get to Prestons.  I have tried in the past and go a flat at the same place last time I tried. I had lost 26 minutes of riding time:


This time I headed towards Liverpool with $50 in my wallet and it I got into trouble I would catch a train home.

My first 90 km including the first 40 km was 3:53 minutes.  Then the 90km from the restart at 40 km was 3:42 which was more like the pace I wanted.  I got to the end of the cycle way in 93 minutes for 37.5 km and back in just over 3 hours.  At this stage I had  ridden a total of 115km and it was 3:30 pm.  I had notes I had done the last 60 km in 2:30 hours and thought I might as well keep going to 180 km because I would make that by 6:00pm and if I was slower it would not matter as there are light son the course.

I worked out I had to ride out for 32.5 km and then return to get to 180 km.  Just after I turned again near Elizabeth drive I got another  flat.  This time with no canister I pumped the tyre up as high as I could ( which was only just considerably less than normal) and nursed the bike home the final 28 km.

I arrived back on dark  after sitting in the saddle from 10:30 am to 6:30 pm for 8 hours.  I have examined the Garmin data and pleased with the riding time of just over 7 hours and averaging over 25 km per hour.



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