Hills Tri Club Race 1

Hi all,

I wanted to do this race as a training hit out and get the steps of the transition correct and not worry about the time.

Swim – 750m 15:20 minutes – cruised
Ride 20 km 37:53 – did not push it at all.
Run 5 km 24:07 – I seem to like to push the run a bit

The swim ride transition was just over 5 minutes.

The ride run transition was 1:44

The chip times will be a bit different.

As for getting the procedures right for race preparation and transition I have a lot to do to – state the obvious!

I left Avoca at 1:00pm got home just after 2pm and threw things in the car, mindful of the fact that I could not find the bike pump. All I had had for breakfast was juice and two piece of raisin bread – no cereal at Avoca. Once I had packed the car I had some weetbix and made up two gatorades.

Soon I was on my way. I went around the corner and grabbed one of the gatorades from the bike to hydrate during the drive. I pulled into a bus bay on Penno Road to check I had my helmet, which I did.
I arrived right on time for check in and the bike compound was already pretty full.

Things I planned for included 3 goggles, three tubes, spare tyre, 3 gas canisters, two gels and pumped tyres with a borrowed pump,

Now for the things that did not go to plan.

  • I had brought some plugs for the end of my handlebars but left them in the car.
  • Got out of the water and my number had broken off and a marshal got me some pins.
  • I walked all the transition area. That was the plan
  • The wettie also took ages to get off.
  • I have no idea how to work my Garmin – the swim and ride are in the one setting.
  • Due to the fact that I had no glasses all attempts to fix things were problematic.

Swim/Ride and 53 seconds of running


Rest of the run


Mind – feeling positive I can still do these races reasonably well.

Body – fine – plenty in reserve for swim and bike. Perhaps I could have squeezed out a bit more time on the run.

Special thanks to the Hills Tri Club Race Director, volunteers and the sponsors. The tris are very different to what they were in the 1980s – I guess that had to happen and evolve.

Oh yeh and I also got a prize – goggles. Now I have four for the next race I start.

cheers Plu


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