October 2013 Triathlon Training – thoughts


Brief Summary of the past few months

For the past couple of months I have been just ticking over runs rides and swim to no real schedule.  Just every day or so I would do something and try and make sure I covered all disciplines in a week. I had developed a detailed training program and just could not stick to it.  I just decided to training by feel and sometimes it is slow, short, fast or long.  Now and then even after I start the plan goes out the door.  Two weeks ago I went for a ride and it ended up being an 8 hour 180km ride and two weeks before hand I went for a swim and the sun felt good on my back and I kept going for 4 km.  I tend not to do these random things on runs these days- I just stick to 6 km runs.


Swim 2.5 2.5 2.5 4 2 2 2 = 16.5 km

Cycle 45 32 32 23 25 25 60 50 50 35 180 = 557

Run 6 6 6 6 6 50 6 = 80 km


Swim 3 2 2.5 = 7.5 km

Cycle 32 62 46 = 140 km

Run 6 7 6 6 6 19 6 6 4 7 6 6 = 91 km

I like training this way and even though I have a schedule I won’t be sticking to it but I will be still training as much as possible to complete rather than compete.


Body and Mind

I ran the Gold Coast Marathon in July and finished quite well and had a break and followed it up with the CP Ultra 50 km. I did both as the reports in the links indicate on 6 km training and riding.  After the CP 50 I had two weeks off as I strained my hip flexor muscle/groin area – same injury I had for a couple of years circa 2006.  This is still hanging around and has got a bit worse since the fast hit out in the Race 1 of the Hills Triathlon series. I have also had some shoulder soreness which I have managed to fix with some changes to my swimming stroke technique.

In my mind I want to go fast and the CP Ultra and the Hills Sprint Tri had my body writing cheques my body could not cash.  I have to keep an eye on this if I am to make the starting line next year.

This I started to sharpen up my thinking and have been following the lead up to the race in Kona this weekend through Twitter and Facebook. Last night I ramped up my mind set by watching a series of Breakfast with Bob and Pete interviews with a range of athletes including Craig AlexanderPete Jacobs and Chris Mc Cormack.  After these I rang Port Macquarie to check where I am staying is still booked.  I am definitely more focussed.


Port Macquarie 70.3

The thing about blogging is to be upfront as you write your posts so I want to be up front about this race. This race I am due to compete in, in less than 10 days. I was last there for the first race in 2005 supported by The Colin ( Six Foot Track Race Director) and I have not been back since then.  I am not going to worry about the transitions.  I am going to treat them as a practice for May 2014 in the setting where I will be racing.

So I will jog slowly to from the swim- take a bag change into cycling shorts and start the ride.  After the ride I will jog slowly in, change into running gear fuel up and then head out for the run. I am saying jogging because in the Hills Tri I walked the transitions and it just did not feel right. So I want to see how long things take and make sure I have my routine right rather than rushing and forgetting something.  The advantage of this approach is that I will have a rest and some energy to do in a bit more in the ride and the run.

I won’t be going flat out because that will ensure an injury or further injury. Probably around 40 minutes for the swim, 3:36 hours for the ride and between 2:10-2:20 hours for the run which is 6:30 hours moving time.  So I will be happy with a race time between 6:30-7 hours and not be trashed.

cheers Plu


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