18th Nepean Triathlon

18th Nepean Triathlon

I still regret but understand why I had a break from the Nepean triathlon when the kids were young between 1996 and 2005. I was not training and thought I should not race – which was the sensible thing to do. If I stuck with it I would have been with a few who who have done 25+ races – though 18 is pretty impressive.

nepean 2013 second lap Split results

I had a good race this year. The metatarsal injury I got from the race two years ago and took 18 months to fix. With orthotics and “Specialsized” inserts into my cycling shoes I was able to run and ride a lot faster but still aerobically.

Below are a series of statistics and pictures of my journey.

In summary:

1km swim :
30km cycle:
10 km run.

Official results
19:05 swim T1 4:09
54:27 cycle T2 2:19 – 33 km per hour
50:14 run – 5:02 per km
2:10:15 hours total including transitions.

Gotta be happy with that effort and result, especially after the Port Maquarie 70.3 last weekend.

cheers Plu


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