Holiday Training

Hi All,

Holiday training.
The focus if these holidays has been to build some consistency and solid base in training. Here is a brief summary.


White socks


After a few weeks of Nick Jenny and good friend mat giving me stroke tips I learnt how to bi lateral breath, keep the hips still and and complete long strokes.

The 95 km of swimming I did in 2013 gave me the strength to be able to do this. I would not have been able to do this on the 16 km I swam in 2012.

This type of wimming involves a lot more concentration and there is still a need to learn how to kick.

My best time was 40:05 minutes and gets out to 45 minutes when I am tired or lose the concentration. All my swimming has been at Gosford Pool

So it looks like I am on track for 1:20-1:30 Ironman swim finish.


All the swimming gear is always in the back of the car


I have been concerned that my 2005 bike would die before the race in May and after some research I purchased a Cannondale Evo 6 ultegra 2014 carbon fibre bike.


New bike in black
I decided on this model to support the local dealer where after all my service and advice has come. It has had a few rides around Westleigh and the rest have been on the
Central Coast – specifically Davistown and Saratoga.

Last year I did different rides all around the Coast. This holidays there has been a few deaths of cyclists on the road training and this spooked me. So I have a 9 km ride from Avoca Beach through Kincumber to the start of my 7 km loop through Saratoga after a few weeks I explored to the east of Davistown and found an extension which gave me a 10.5 km loop.

The rides, depending in the number if loops I did varied between 35 and 90 km in fairly safe roads. I say fairly as I had a couple if close calls. Tri bars have not been used and will probably get a run 2 months out to get the body used to the position.

saratoga ride map

The profiles of the course are similar to Port and the roads are similar quality. So I was able to train at race pace for the whole ride of 25 km per hour.

Saratoga Profile

saratoga profile

Port Macquarie Profile

port profile

M7 Profile

M7 Profile


Most of my runs were 6 km along a flat course to the Bowling Club and back to the beach. There was one 10 km run with Brett.

The times varied between 33-42 minutes including a few brick sessions after 60 km rides.

The approach.

Fun in the sun with friends

IMG_4879 IMG_4894 IMG_4962

We had a broken two weeks at Avoca commuting to work up till Boxing Day, a week in Penno and two good weeks at Avoca till 20 January.

This gave me 3 weeks where I could get in double sessions each day with three on a Sunday. In the last week fatigue kicked in, requiring one a day. Though some times I managed a morning swim after dropping someone to Gosford and a run in the evening.

My weight is now nearer 75kg than 80kg, I stopping drinking in
New Years Eve, and so far have been eating well. At the end if the three weeks of double double sessions I ended up with a back issue which with some care and lighter week is better. I have my bike seat  higher causing some hamstring extension issues. Otherwise health and body wise things have been tracking well.

My mind
Good space at the moment and I wish the race was sooner. As a beach and summer person swimming and running during the day is my preferred time to train. I like the sun, getting a tan and the well being that comes with it.

Now I need to work on a weekly routine which can be adjusted to the weekend variance of work commitments. More on this later. Needless to say there will be less sessions and longer swims and rides with brick sessions. Also I will need to work on nutrition.

EDIT:  Mind average at the moment a week later and really poor a couple of days ago.  The neck has required a bit of physio for neck and right shoulder spasms.  I put it down to three things –   bilateral swimming after 30 years, new bike getting the adjustments right and/or reversing the car.

The kilometres

6 December to 20 January.

Swim 32 km
Cycle 1172km
Run   131
63 separate sessions.

Still a lot to do before May.

cheers Plu


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