“It is just what I have to do” 156 km cycle and 6 km brick run

Hi all,

I have had about two weeks off riding, settling back into work and having some physio for my neck.  I am back to normal now – thanks to my physio who this week is walking Milford Sound..  I saw a post on Facebook by Rachel who was going for a ride at 5:00am with Nerida.  Too early for me but I thought, given they were doing a 30 minute out and back before the big loop, I thought if I started by 6:00am I would see them on the return which I did.  If I missed them I would see them on the way back from Liverpool.  The M7 ride goes from Bella Vista to beyond Liverpool.

rachael and Nerida

The stats

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/438530932 shows some nice heart rate creep as the pace increased and indicated the elevation change.  A bit more undulating than the Port course and better surface.

hr 2 Feb

speed-hr 2 feb

Post ride reflection

It is remarkable how clean the cycleway is – I often feel there would be more broken bottles.Felt fine after the ride and exhausted after the  brick 6 km.  After resisting the temptation for a big mac and thick shake at Bella Vista I headed home unpacked and walked to Penno for a traditional burger and milk bar vanilla thick shake.

There will be a need to work a bit more on nutrition.  Even though I felt fine for the seven hours once home I was completely deplete and collapsed trying to sleep with no energy to even get some food, thus never really getting the opportunity to feel better from a food and energy perspective.

Food consumed:

4 by 500ml gatorade – filled by sachels

3 by 500ml water

One Cadel food bar and two gels one at 45 km and the other at 130km.

A handful of dates and dried apricots spread out at 40 km, 120 km and 130km.

Maybe this is how I should feel after this effort.  Jenny said to me this evening that maybe I did too much.  I replied “It is just what I have to do”

cheers Martin


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