220 km weekend

Hi all,

This weekend I  did 150 km on the M7  and a 6 km brick.  This time it was 17 minutes faster than last week and pulled up well because I adjusted the nutrition.

M7 150km 5:50 hours


3 Gorges 70 km 3:30 hours

Galston Gorge 15:21

Berowra 16:20

Bobbin Head


This included  more drinking 2 litres of gatorade and 2 litres of water, dates, peanut  butter sandwich, 4 gels and a Cadel Bar.

It was a bit wild on the M7  with three bike accidents.  The second lap was better with a much reduced number of cyclists.

We headed up to Avoca on Saturday night but I  got the weekend wrong and the unit was rented.  So we had a meal in the pizza place and drove  back to Sydney.

This suited me as I wanted to do  back to back sessions as I think it will give me more strength.  I was able to go at my preferred time which is in the heat of the day.  So I headed out for a three gorges 70 km  – departing at 1:00pm – very civilised hour and the time of the day when I will be riding in the Ironman.

The  3 gorges ride is more pleasant even if it is slower with more hills.



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