Managing all the gear for the bike ride

Hi all,


Today some thoughts on gear management for the 180km ride in the race. My logic  is that as I get tired in race I will think less clearly and need to rely on my routines to make sure I know where to look and do things automatically with out thinking.

In training I have reading glasses, dates and my phone in my bag near the handle bar,  I carry two bidons and in the bag under my seat I have my ID – old drivers licence-,  two tubes canisters and tyre levers.  I also have a pump  for the canisters and a second pump because  I can not seem to  use the canisters.

As for the  tri top I try and use the same  pockets each ride for gear.  My left hand one carries my peanut butter sandwiches and Cadel food bars.  My middle pocket  carry Gatorade powder sachets, sun cream, salt tablets in  a contact case, sunglasses and a spray jacket while my right hand pocket carries all my gels.

In the race, because there will be aid stations,  I will carry less but may have a long sleeve thermal wrapped around my waist if the weather is cold and wet.


Hopefully I will finish the ride aerobically and with energy for the run .

cheers Martin


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