Reflections on 10 weeks of long rides

Reflections on 10 weekends of long rides – #imoz

Well it has finally caught up with me. I had the best intentions to follow up with another ride last Sunday I was really tired and slept on and off all day. I guess it was to be expected. People say you are always tired when you train for an Ironman and my version of the training has caught up with me.

mgp  m7 2014

Time for a bit of reflection on my bike riding. Here are the rides I did over the past 10 weekends.


A few thoughts

1. The timing is fine to be really tired as this is my last weekend for a long ride.

2. Each week I have got better with the food and drinking while riding and always have finished the rides with energy and have comfortably completed a 6 km brick run after each ride.

3. I seem to be riding 150km consistently on the M7 in 6:00-6:10 hours which included 4-5 drink stops. I am pleased with this pace.

4. The endurance tyres have given me a level of confidence while I ride and I in theory now know how to use then canister pump should I need to use it.

5. The more I have ridden the more spooked I have become about staying upright so the last month I have been on the M7 which has a similar profile to Port, though the M7 is a smoother surface. Prior to this the rides have been the three gorges which have been slower and out and about in Dural, Kenturst Annangrove.

6. I am close to getting the clothes right for the race. I chopped and changed quite a bit with the constant theme of trying to keep warm.

7. One highlight which toughened me up physically and mentally was the 6 hour ride in the pouring rain in March.

8. Six hour rides on weekend is just not natural. I never thought I would be looking forward to the next three weeks of 3 hour rides as a break.


cheers Martin


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