Ironman Race Report Part 1 – Preparation

Part 1

Ironman Report

Completely humbled by the overwhelming support but let me back track.

Thirty years ago I participated in my first triathlons with Bowral friends – Bernard, Glen and Shane. At the time I was too scared to do an Ironman and watched in envy as my friends embarked on their journey at Foster and Akuna Bay. In 2005 with the support of “The Colin” I went to Port Macquarie to compete in the first Half Ironman to qualify for Ironman 2006. Needless to say I was too old, slow, did not qualify and relegated the dream to what could have been.

The next 9 years had my involvement in Cool Running Australia, the running of several marathons, Six Foot Track, Poor Man’s Comrades (Gosford to Opera House) and Narrabeen 12 Hour race trail races. I was confident now I could actually finish an Ironman if I decided to commit.

I made excuses for a few years as I talked to my good friend Murry and cool runners who had competed in Ironman man races like Uncle Dave, Aunty Karin, Paul Every, Brick, Zoe, Chonky, Green Machine,Greg, Brendan, Dominic, Big Chris, Kevin Tiller ….. there were others sorry if I missed you, A few years later there were no more excuses once the entry criteria was relaxed.

Two injuries over the period of 4 years really did prevent me from entering and in 2013 those excuses were gone and I committed. Twelve months ago I approach my Principal for leave and she was was 100% supportive of my dream. I committed to family and friends in person and on social media – I was on the way.

Once I committed it was time to head to the fattening pastures for winter with the Gold Coast Marathon and some trail running till August which was to be the start of Stage 1 – Half Ironman Racing . In this stage the aim was to get fit so after the CP 50 km I ramped up the training to compete in the Port 70.3 and Foster Half Ironman Challenge. Along with these I did a few Hills Tri club Races and the Nepean Triathon. These were all successful outings and my last races of any kind until last weekend.

Once again after hibernating for a month I started training specifically for the May race in December – a six month lead which involved base training through the school holidays. This essentially consisted of a few hours of exercise per day in preparation for a modified program in Term 1 taking into account family and work commitments.

The plan for February – May was simple – train to complete not compete.

Swim:- Monday 2km and Wednesday 3 km and bonus swim on weekends – but rarely happened,
Runs:- All were 6 km runs with one 20 km run which left me as a cripple for a week
Ride:- at least one 30 k ride during the week and Saturday rides of 4- 6 hours through the gorges or M7 for 10 weeks.

All the literature said a beginner Ironman training schedules suggested at least 10 hours per week. Looking at this now it does not seem I did enough but it was all I was prepared to do and it worked.

In summary the training from May 2013 to May 2014 was as follows:


Total Swims 118 km
Total Rides 5205 km
Total Runs 1014 km

April 2014
Swim 7.5 km,
Ride 537 km
Run 78 km

March 2014
Swim 23.6 km
Ride 885 km
Run 68 km

February 2014
Swim 7.3 km
Ride 984 km
Run 76 km

January 2014
Swim 18 km
Ride 576 km
Run 110 km

December 2013
Swim 17 km
Cycle 632 km
Run 57 km

November 2013
Swim 6 km
Ride 286 km
Run 75 km

October 2013
Swim 13 km
Ride 227 km
Run 82 km

September 2013
Swim 16.5 km
Ride 557 km
Run 80 km

Swim 7.5 km
Ride 140 km
Run 91 km

Swim 0 km
Ride 176 km
Run 96 km


Swim 0 km
Ride 15 km
Run 123 km

Swim 2km
Ride 190km
Run 78 km


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