Fit and healthy

Written 2 February 2018

#600words: – Fit or Healthy: Fit and Healthy


It has been three years since I have had a drink. 

It has been two months of a low sugar and carbohydrate diet. 

I often wondered if I am fit or healthy. I have been both but never both at the same time; rather an interesting concept to think about. 

In the past, I have been very fit and on the edge of a health collapse. I think I have been healthy without being fit but I sensed I could have been healthier.

At the moment, for the first time I think I am healthy and fit at the same time – despite a crook shoulder. Here is what has been different. 

When I was very fit the weight was down because of the exercise but I still had beers before and after races and a lot of sugar based drinks because of the nature of the exercise. So, I don’t think I was healthy.

When I have been healthier and not that fit it was when I exercise less but the trade-off was a looser diet and a bit more weight.


I honestly thought three years of not drinking would see the weight strip off me and thus I could be both healthy and fit. Each year I have my blood test and though all within the norm, or marginally outside for some markers, there has been little improvement over the years. 

From a mental point of view, I have been very healthy. I sleep really well and the mornings are quite a pleasant experience, especially when I think back to the mornings and some days back in the 1980s.

I have been on the wagon several times since I left school but in this break the significant difference is that my brain is so much better. I read everything and take it in, I listen to people much more carefully, ponder issues more deeply, my thinking is clearer, I am more logical and my capacity for work is much higher.

I have never been happy with my weight. I know I am not overweight but I felt I could do better on that front. I play games with my weight. I trick myself into thinking that 80kg is ok for me given it is only 1kg over my BMI.

I know the BMI is not everything but stomach rolls indicate that more can be done. The main trick I played was only weighing myself after a long run when I am dehydrated or in the morning and the weight is on or just under 80kg. All this meant that for the rest of the day I was over 80kgs. 


Well, when the holidays started I tried to change the diet. I shopped on the perimeter of the supermarket only buying fresh food, venturing into the aisles for Vitaweats and cheese. I pretty well eliminated bread and carbohydrates. 

The big block of chocolate, Tina Wafers and to a lesser extent the milk arrowroot biscuits have been replaced with tin tuna to mix with salad and almond milk but I still need to work on the beans.

My beers were replaced with ginger beers which I dropped for tonic water, even the diet version. 

We have no interest in cooking nor are we very good cooks, so when I go out for a meal I always buy salmon. 

I don’t cross train anymore I just run 6km and walk the rest for an hour.

I have lost 5kg in just under 2 months and feel for the first time ever healthy and fit.

Hope I have not jinxed myself.

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