Hornsby Council Address June 2017 – Draft Operational Plan

Council June MTG

Thanks for addressing the issues the trust raised in relation to the draft operational

Plan for 2017-2018 as per Item 5 table 1 a b and c in the agenda papers. 

Point A A discussed our question concerning the possibility of the allocation of part of the cash funding surplus to pennant hills to manage traffic flows, parking access to public transport and road safety . We acknowledge the councils response that the allocation is based on itemisation of priorities once the draft north district plan is finalised . 

Point B We thank the councils response concerning the councils wallet where spending is for planning is at 8% and understand that a change in the percentage would require a council resolution and look forward to seeing if this is discussed in the near future. 

Point C we made a comment concerning the allocation of money to a survey which has already been undertaken and  reported on at the May council meeting. We thank the council changing the wording for 3c.11 to Pennant Hills MasterPlan Economic Study 

I can feel the genuine concern in the room about the financial situation of the council in the short to medium term. We do acknowledge and support the councils current financial prudence and moreover we understand that the pie has not only shrunk but has had a chunk taken out of it and has to be re made. 

We hope the councils effort to address this situation bear fruit. In the meantime we look forward to continue working with the council in relation to decisions to the benefit of hornsby in general and pennant hills in particular. 

Land and environment court 1 in 17 success is a good strike rate. 

Thanks to Acting Gm

Thank you once again for considering and responding with clear discernment to the questions we put to the draft operational plan. 

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