Paul Arthur and Waldemar Cierpinski

I have some running and sport related things around my house. With each piece there is a story. The original owner of this race bib Paul would have an interesting story that comes comes to mind when he sees it again.

The signature on the right is the winner of the 10km race inn 1995 Paul Arthur. The signature on the left hand side is of the winner of the 1976 Olympic Marathon Waldemar Cierpinski.

My story: – I was in my way back form the Central coast Half Marathon in the mid to late 2000s and called into a suburb north of Gosford to see Paul Arthur.

At that stage and even now I don’t know the full extent of Paul’s a career but I did know he had won the City to Surf in 1994 and because I ran two Six Foot track races and I knew he had won four of them.

For two years I had also seen Paul on Black range where I cheered on the runners and took a few photos. I also met him through Cool Runner Firehorse on a cross country course at Mt Penang.

I don’t know how it happened but I ended up having afternoon tea with Paul in his backyard chatting about running. I remember clearly his story of doing his normal run at Green Point the day after after his City to Surf and the neighbours were out to congratulate him – how cool. They knew what time he went for his runs.

As I was leaving Paul disappeared and came back with this race bib and said I could have it. I said are you sure it would have significant memories for you.

He replied “Its yours now”.

Paul I have had it framed for 15 years. Happy to return it and at the very least would like like to hear what memories and story it brings back to you.

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