Luc Longley 25 August 2016

I am really hoping that the Last Dance this week has a few more clips of Luc Longley. Only one mention so far in the show.

I suspect not much but there is great interview on Howie Games.

There is a story behind each piece of memorabilia.

Any one with an interest in sport would know about the Netflix series called The Last Chance. I have never been interested in basketball but did have a deputy who’s really into basketball in the 1990s and I now realise it was this era.

I have been watching the program and recognised in the background few times the Australian player in the Chicago Bulls -Luke Longley.

ON the 25 August 2016 I was at Sydney Airport heading to Adelaide and there were a lot of Australian tracksuits there are the Rio Olympians had returned to Australia.

As I saw different people I said thanks for a great games and chatted Rio a few people. Athletes, physics, special media and press staff.

I was having a cuppa and I could see this very large man who was obvious an athlete. I went over and said thanks for all the enjoyment you provided over thee games and what did you do. He said I helped out with the Boomers as the assistant coach.

To my embarrassment I could not work out who I was talking to even though I could recognise him.

So I asked and he said Luc Longley.

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