This stand has a story as does Buddha both related to two $10 purchases.

Nan was a small lady and she had little stands around her house in Chatswood to reach the top of cupboards. I got the Buddha in the 1990s at the Galston Community Centre sale for $10 but the story starts in 1986.

I was in Bowral and the tax office contacted me to have an audit. I was not happy. My tax was done by a representative from the independent teacher’s union at the time in NSW.

Every thing about me doing the tax seemed dodgy and with a lack of rigor when it came to what I could claim. I went along with the advice as a person who trusts the system and the professionals.

With in a few months I got a call that I had to go to Parramatta for a tax audit. I called my rep not with the expectation that I had to go , rather he would go as my representative. He said I had to go.

I taught my morning lessons and drove to Parramatta. While early I went to Dymocks and found myself in the new age section, which was a trend in the 1980s, spotted a small book called Buddhism and everything about the book seemed to click and it had a calming effect.

The chapter that was pivotal was by Christian Humphries, whom I was to find out was a leader in the field, called Buddhism for Westerners. I sat on the floor and read most of the chapter and purchased the book.

Soon I was on my way to meet my tax agent on a corner in Parramatta – it felt like a movie and he seemed nervous. We went into an office block and then a glass office and the tax officer started asking me questions.

The agent knew nothing and could not answer any questions and I did not really understand some of the questions asked of me due to the terminology. After about 20 minutes the tax officer left the room and I had the sense that the room was recorded and the agent who was still with me did not want to speak to me.

I always try to do the right thing, had one thing I was not allowed to claim, paid a small fine and moved on.

I found someone else to do my tax the following year and started my reading on Buddhism.


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