Item 1 Hornsby Council MTG Agenda 10 June 2020

Item 1 Submissions


Consultation on the Documents

During the exhibition period from 9 April 2020 to 11 May 2020, the draft 2020-2022 Delivery Program and draft Operational Plan 2020/21 were available electronically on Council’s website.

Notice of the exhibition was included in an eNewsletter sent in April to the regular database of 34,000 subscribers and a further 90 community organisations, and in the May eNewsletter sent to 34,000 subscribers, as well as in a Facebook post.

It is noted that in response to the closure of some local newspapers due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to assist councils to reduce their costs, the NSW Government amended the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 to remove requirements for newspaper advertising (refer OLG Circular 20- 12 / 17 April 2020). The Government has advised that this amendment will continue to apply after the COVID-19 pandemic passes.


41 submissions were received during the formal exhibition period, with one other late submission also being received. The main themes (and related issues) outlined in the submissions were:

• Trees

o Those under power lines are costly to remove and can cause power outages

o The use of street sweepers can lead to the clogging drains

o There are dangerous trees along a stretch of Old Northern Road, Dural to Glenorie

o Tree removal applications should be assessed by an arborist

o Indigenous trees removed should be replaced with a mature tree, or a monetary contribution provided to Council for indigenous trees to be planted on Council land

• COVID-19
o Council should reduce staff and services during the pandemic
o Need clarification on $$$ that will be in the Operational Plan
o Fees and charges should not be increased
o Northern District Cricket Club will be seeking a reduction in ground hire charges

• Rural areas
o Subdivisions into one acre lots
o Need road repairs, including widening
o Urgent investigation required of road widening to Cobah Road, Fiddletown / Arcadia o Require footpaths in Glenorie village streets
o Stormwater drainage upgrade required – Arcadia Road feeding into Galston Village o Public toilet facility within Galston village streets
o Street tree planting around Galston village
o Fox eradication program in Galston rural area

o New facilities to be equipped with 2 x EV charging points • Community facilities

o Upgrade to be multi-functional/beneficial
o Develop safe off grid community facilities to be crisis centres in emergencies o A library for Cherrybrook

• Parks and sporting facilities

o Redevelopment of Beecroft Village Green park

o Trail bike path between Westleigh and Hornsby – Council works are destroying path

o Redevelopment of Kenley Park, Normanhurst

o Hornsby Quarry should be restored to original pristine state

o Provide walking access to Brickpit Park from corner Pennant Hills and Dartford Roads

o Expansion of mountain bike trail networks

o Modifications to car park at Foxglove Oval, Mount Colah

o Dog off leash exercise be allowed at Mount Kuring-gai Oval

o Progress of Dog Off-Leash Strategy

o Review installation of floodlights planned for 2023/24 at James Henty Oval, Dural – previously determined inappropriate

• Roads and footpaths

o New Line Road, Cherrybrook needs to be fixed

o Requesting a footpath on Boundary Road (between Cherrybrook Road and Cedarwood Drive)

o Requesting a footpath on David Road, Castle Hill (between New Line Road and Yoorana Place)

o Gap analysis of missing links in footpath network around Pennant Hills o Expand footpaths to allow active street-side eating
o Source and invest in green alternatives to concrete

• Natural resources
o Identify green corridors and links to essential green corridors o Plan for weed biosecurity
o Management of Aboriginal sites

• Environmental sustainability
o Priorities relating to renewable energy hubs
o Redirect investments into renewable and sustainable energy sources

Engage with large businesses to improve use of solar PV
o Include initiatives to reduce urban heat
o Virtual power plant, collaborating with neighbouring councils
o Incentivise retrofitting and greening of existing housing stock
o Increase ratio of green space to hard surfaces
o Kerbside bin for household food waste
o Attract a large-scale domestic waste incinerator for energy production

• Sustainable transport
o Convert car lanes into bike lanes
o Acquire railway land for connecting bike routes
o Introduce paid-metered parking
o Introduce secure bicycle parking at public transport interchanges

• Events
o Consider a Garden and House competition
o Events to showcase and celebrate local talent, food, businesses and zero waste
o Rotate through different Wards at venues such as schools, large sporting fields, etc

• Fees and Charges
o Pennant Hills Community Centre access for maintenance and storage during COVID-

19 closures

o Review Pop-up Shop Space, Hornsby Mall, Construction, Commercial Filming, Tree Inspections, Development Applications, Advertising signs, Outdoor Dining, Supply of Photograph (Traffic matter)

o Hornsby Mall, Thursday markets

o Mount Colah Community Centre • Others

o Rates should be lower as electricity charges not included o Lobby power companies to improve reliability of supply
o Action plan to make Hornsby #1 in NSW
o Invest in Asquith Shopping Centre precinct

o Cheltenham Church proceeds still to be spent on 2119 (postcode) community
o Include Pennant Hills in future planning for public domains
o Develop apps for residents to report construction debris, weeds, etc on private lands

A summary of each of the submissions is included in the attached Table 1A, with staff recommendations shown in italics. A revision of some Key impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unknown ongoing financial and staff resourcing implications, as well as some minor revisions to the Fees and Charges 2020/21 document, are summarised in the attached Table 1B.

It is noted that during the exhibition period, there were further minor changes suggested by Council staff to improve clarity of the information contained in the documents. Those changes have been incorporated in the final versions of the documents.

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