Streetbeat Eyes and Ears 5 June 2020


Mariko shares her experiences of travelling to USA for a conference and the eyes up experience of seeing how the black population are treated. She provides insight into the situation in USA at the moment and we suggest you follow her Twitter handle @marikocurates to become well informed o these and other issues.

She suggests the book she piked up in USA “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism” by Robin DiAngelo


Neil adds to the conversation talking about White Fragility and how the tulsa riots have had an impact on his thinking.


Martin reflects on his readings into Teddy Sheean.

Teddy was a sailor in the navy during WWII and he was on the Armidale in near Timor along with the HMAS Castlemaine and the two ships were attacked and were attacked by Japanese aircraft along their way. 

They need up in a confrontation with 13 aircraft and the Armidale was hit by two torpedoes and a bomb and the order was given to abandon the ship. 

After releasing the life craft Teddy was wounded by two bullets and he made his way to a 20 mm cannon and began two fire to protect those int he water, and managed to shoot down one of the bombers.

There have been number of attempts to get his bravery recognised with a VC.

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