Hornsby Council Address 10th June 2020

Council Address 10th June 2020

Mayor Ruddock (AO), Mr Head. Council staff and councilors my name in Martin Pluss and I speak as Vice President and with the support of the Pennant Hills District Civic Trust’s Committee.  

Firstly, congratulations Mr Ruddock on your recognition in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. 

Secondly, we recently acknowledged National Reconciliation and I congratulate the initiatives undertaken in the Hornsby Shire. These thoughts were prepared a few weeks ago in anticipation of the first council meeting after the National Reconciliation Week. 

How can Hornsby Shire contribute to the cause of national reconciliation in consultation with indigenous community members and HATSIC on an ongoing basis?

If the vision is to have reconciliation in Hornsby then the mission is to keep building a strategy that makes this possible.

May I suggest a mission with a two-pronged approach for a strategy

Firstly, there is what I called three CCCs.  The communication around the reconciliation, establishing connections in the community around reconciliation and building collaboration within the community around reconciliation. 

In particular this will involve mobilising a third party – the watchers. The watchers observe the debate and don’t get involved.  When watchers of an issue do engage a critical mass develops.  With this engagement there is more chance for effective implementation and change for aboriginal reconciliation. Watchers engage as awareness develops. 

Sometimes the watchers may be too scared to offer their views, are undecided, don’t have then facts or don’t care. The 3CCCs may draw out watchers and enable engagement. 

The way for communication, connections and collaboration could work is by bringing in the watchers so there is a critical mass to develop a strategy for reconciliation. 

Let me just elaborate what I consider to be in 3CCCs in action. In Hornsby that would be in the through building on the current cultural awareness initiatives in Hornsby of First Nations people ‘s. 

What would this look like? 

It could be by having aboriginal cultural artefacts on cycle-paths that the council is developing, along the interconnecting bush trails between the suburbs and hopefully the Six Places Walk, and in the recreational areas and parklands of the various suburbs of the Shire. This communication of the awareness of aboriginal cultural understandings will led to connections and collaborations. 

The second stage of the mission to enabling reconciliation is a strategic Implementation plan where the community works together enabling Hornsby to be a leading local government area in the space of national reconciliation.

Martin Pluss

Vice President 

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