Day 1 and Day 2 Running Update

I have been experimenting with my running Day 1 is running 6 km and running for 2 minutes each km after that then walking. Day 2 running is each km starting with 2 minutes of running and I walk to the end of that km.

I now have 27 runs at Avoca beach on the same course and mostly the same distance to see if there is any progress. Last night I was interested in checking the heart rate and pace. In short, there has been no progressive improvement in fitness but the statistics are interesting.

Day 1: of at least 6 km running and the rest run walk the average heart rate is between 141 bpm and 149 bpm. The fastest pace has been 7:31 minutes per km and the slowest 8:14 minutes per km

Day 2: of running a distance of at least 6 km but running only the first 2 minutes of each km and walking to the end, which usually means 300m of running each km. The heart rate has been between 112 bpm and 119bpm and pace has ranged from 8:24 per km to 9:45per km.

There have been two variations which include a couple of straight 6 km runs with one right out of the box and a personal PB for at least 2020. 6 km 39:20 6:33 minutes per km and 159bpm for the heart rate.

The second variation is to see if I can get to 7 km on a Day 2 run in one hour. I would like to average about 7 km per hour when I go on my next run around Sydney. The best being 7 km in 56 minutes 8.00 minutes per km with a hear rate at 122 bpm.

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