Eyes and Ears Jo Rogan Podcast

Eyes and years August 12

My eyes and is this week it’s about a podcast podcast actually by Joe Rogan last week he was talking to Rob Lowe and this week he’s talking to Oliver Stone. I probably could not recommend to everyone due to oswearing in it and a lot of drug references and references back to the 1980s but as a person is the same age I was quite fascinated to see his journey that as I was watching on TV.

The Oliver stone interview with Joe Rogan is about his recent book.

A few things stand out for me.

Firstly, he took me three goes to get it made because there was no appetite for Vietnam war movie Vietnam war movie that was realistic.

The realism is that the movie is shot in a way where the fighting in the era is a little bit more spread out where as most of the war movies we see the noise and everything looks close in and it’s not apparently the case in the jungles of Vietnam.

The second thing is that how the movie was received. When it was finally released in 1986 veterans went in quietly little stay behind afterwards very quietly because it was so realistic for them.

At that stage women didn’t go to see the war movie, about three weeks later was overtaken by women coming to watch the show. I guess to understand what their partners and husbands had experienced during the war.

The third thing which stands out for was his personal life: he went to be at Naam in self and stayed for an extra three months so he didn’t have to stay for six months longer back in United States we returned in the Army. He was anti establishment and the other thing of interest is that his background was Republican, his father was I think Lieutenant Colonel from World War II studied at university with George Bush.

So my eyes and ears is the Joe Rogan podcast so I cautiously recommend the Rod Lowe podcast I openly recommend the Oliver Stone one because you get a bit of insight into striving to make a movie after a lot of rejections, insight into the war experience which is realistic, and insight into peoples backgrounds.

I only recently during the last couple of months watch Platoon as well.

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