Eyes and Ears 21 August 2020 Stephen King and Joe Rogan

Eyes and ears – unedited.

Doctor Sleep is a movie based on a book by Stephen King. While n LSL I read In writing by stephen king and would like to talk about that later. Not yet.

This movie starts with a flashback to the movie the Shining with the little boy who ride as around the place on a bike with Jack Nicholson watching him. Then the book goes to today with the same boy. With a group of bodies not sure if real or not who such the air out of people who experience pain that they inflict on them

He has imaginary people that talk to him all his post Shining life and becomes an imaginary friend to a young girl who seems to follow in his footsteps.

Sure it was weird but at the same time I kept thinking how does he come up with these scenarios.

Also following up from week I listened to the second half the Oliver stone podcast with Joe Rogan. What was interesting was the projects he could not get off the ground. One was MLK and now a white person could not make it. He did his relationship with women would be controversial. He discussed a massacre in Thailand which he could not get over the line because of the CIA and wanted to do Evita which eventually someone else did.

What is more interesting was I take notes for this segment of the show. I listen while running and stop and walk talking into my notes on the phone. Last Saturday while doing this I was just past the bus bay at penno high and was talking into my phone about JFK conspiracy theories Snowden, drug wars in Miami MLK and I walked by a guy in his garden and he just looked at me like I was a mad man.

Finally what I plan to follow up is his latest documentary The secret history of America and his latest book. Chasing the Light

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