A cool Parramatta Eels Experience.

Today we had the carpet cleaned so I went to the shops while it dried.

I tried to hide.

I walked into a shop at Erina this morning and I was showing my bag to the security in the way out and he said your a #ParraEels supporter and I trust you.

He rolled up his sleeve and he had had some art he put on four weeks before the grand final in 2009 – he had sadness in his eyes.

I tend to forget I have an eels mask and cap on all the time.

Then I was at boost juice and Jarryd Hayne was there with his partner and two children. This time I was self conscious of the eel’s gear I had on.

I just respected their privacy, though his partner did acknowledge me.

I went to Rebel Sport and as I was walking down the the clothes aisle and a little kid was running towards me so I stopped, stepped aside, looked up and Jarryd was following him down the aisle. I just thanked him, he said thanks mate and continues following his little boy.

So I tried not to meet him and still managed to do so. He looked well and relaxed.

It was a pretty cool moment for me.

Cheers Plu.

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