My First Six Decades

by Martin Pluss
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I was listening on the radio to an interview with a guy who has written a book about the 1960s. This got me thinking about what I can remember and what has shaped me for the five decades of my life.

So here we go Plu’s first 6 decades – a work in progress

I thought I would put together what I can remember experiencing of a significant nature, for each decade of my life.

The 1960s the kid

Landing on the moon – did they land?
1969 Balmain – Souths Grand Final
Vietnam War
Debate over contraception and the pill
Beatles Tom Jones Elvis Presley Music
TV Hogans Heros, Gilligans Island, Get Smart

1970s the care free teenager

There is a lot I remember about this decade and subsequent decades so the is here is restricting them to no more than 13.

It’s Time and Gough Whitlam
The Dismissal
Munich Olympics and Shane Gould and Marc Spitz
American Pie and Go Set
Tree of Man

1980s the self indulgent idealist

Gordon Below Franklin Dam
Triathlons Marc Dragon the Scotts Molina, Dave and Tinley and Marc Allen
The music just rocked and it was not rock
Bob Hawke
New Age
1989 Balmain Canberra Grand Final
America’s Cup
Dougie and MMM Paper Chase
Apple Computers
LA Olympics, Deek and marathons on TV
Miami Vice
State of OriginMArried Jenny

1990s the era of deferred personal goals

Nick and Ali born

Galaxy then Foxtel
Mobile phones
Monas – the runner
Paul Keating The recession we had to have
Iraq War
Lady Di

2000s the age of reason

War on Terrorism
Sydney Olympics

Running the Olympic course marathon
Cool Running



2010s – community engagement

Murray dies

Running longer and slower

Port Ironman 2014

Pennant Hills Trust and Hornsby Council

Nick and Ali transition school, university workforce

Dad dies



Edited: June 2007 and April 12 2020