Penno West 8km run #197

Hard to believe and I am grateful that at almost 60 years old I still have running goals. I pinch myself that I am so lucky I can still do this.

I have a standard run I call the Penno West 8 km and I’ve done 197 of them. Initially, it was running six km and walking 2 km to 8 k’s which would get me home.

The next version is to run six km walk to 8km with a run a slight downhill at about seven k’s.

Most recently I’ve been running six km and for two minutes running at the beginning of the 7th and 8th km and walk to the end of each of those km.

I try not to pay much attention to the time except to note if can cover 8 km in the hour. To date I have to run a decent 6km under 7 minutes per km, be as close to 40 minutes as I can and walk briskly to achieve this goal.

I don’t cheat by running when I shouldn’t be running.

Last week when running with Kevin Heaton, the biggest lesson I took from the run was cadence.

I have had a few runs this week. I did a couple where I did not think of cadence at all and one where I thought of it during a run walk session.

Today, I went out and at the beginning I thought “think of your cadence.”

So a couple of 100 m from my place, just past the Baptist and Anglican Church in Penno, I focussed on increasing the cadence.

The first thing I noticed was that my breathing was harder.

The second thing I noticed was that my pace was under seven minutes a kilometre.

After the 1st km my breathing settle down the heart rate was hovering around the 140s but I felt comfortable.

The only thing was I had to keep the concentration on my cadence.

So when you look at the statistics, which I’ve included below, you will see my cadence was close to 160 steps per minute.

Kevin said to me he has a cadence 180.

So I got a fair bit to go but I am happy.

Back to the run. I knew I was on for a good time and finished in one hour for 8 km with a very quick, for me, 6 km of about 40 minutes – knowing from here I would finish under an hour.

Of 197 run/walks it was actually the faster than ever done.

Their is some life in these aging legs.

Have a great week everyone.

Cheers Plu. @ Pennant Hills, New South Wales, Australia